New print edition now on sale: ‘Hap Up, Rabbie!’

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Shown above is a detail from the new A3 print, ‘Hap Up, Rabbie!’, that has just been added to the collection.

Dotted along the footpath at the Birks of Aberfeldy, in Perthshire, Scotland, there are several artworks relating to Scots poet Robert (Rabbie) Burns, including a statue of him, depicted in this print.

One day, at the start of a walk, I spotted that someone had wrapped a colourful check scarf around his neck, in a light-hearted and jaunty way. It might have been an item of lost property, just placed there so the scarf’s owner might more easily find it, or perhaps it was a more deliberate act of adding something to the sculpture. Either way, I thought it was a humorous touch, and that it looked kind of cool!

Burns was not one to spare anyone’s blushes—he could turn a bawdy phrase when he wanted to. I think he would have appreciated this little bit of irreverence.

A simple, quirky image that brings a quiet smile to the mind.

Check out ‘Hap Up, Rabbie!’ here.

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